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Author: Merula

Pairings: 1x2

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Yaoi, Vampire, mutant sheep...

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine.

Fangs & Fur Christmas Drabble
Christmas with a Mutant Sheep

Snow was falling in a sparkling, dancing display of flakes that no doubt would've sent some holidaymaker into raptures.

I was less than thrilled. It was cold and wet and if I didn't see the creature the clients swore was out here in the next half hour, then I was going back to my nice warm hotel room.

Well, okay, to my not so nice hotel room that at least had a blanket on the bed.

Wrapping my arms around myself I peered through the falling snow and wondered if I was far enough away to risk a change. At least I'd be warmer... though the thought of having to stand naked in the snow even for a few minutes was enough to keep me in human form at the moment.

Casting a glance back towards town, the twinkling lights of the inn caught my attention. Despite the trouble the beast had brought to their town, the people were still celebrating. Course, it may have just been an excuse to forget the trouble for a bit.

I didn't really want to go back there and tell them I failed.

Wrapping my scarf tighter, I trudged through the snow banks. What a way to spend Christmas Eve. Not that there was anyone I wanted to spend it with, I told myself, hastily shoving down the image that popped up in my head right after.

I didn't want to spend tonight with him. Really. Even though the bastard could fly and find this darn thing faster than I could- and he did have a really good way of keeping me warm...

No. It wasn't his night, and so what if he had missed his last one? Maybe someone had finally staked the damn bastard.

He'd better be okay...

The snow was falling harder. I knew I should just give in and switch forms. I was far enough from the town, and yeah, I'd be cold, but I'd be warmer a few minutes later.

Unwinding my scarf, I hunched down next to a nearby tree and started clearing a small space between the roots. Bad enough to switch back and freeze- worse to do it and then put on wet clothes after.

I was halfway out of my shirt when something chuckled above my head.

"Kind of an odd place to take your clothes off. Not that I don't love watching you get undressed- but you're turning an interesting shade of blue."

Yanking my shirt closed I glared upward. Heero was sitting on a branch right above my head.

"It's not your night."

"I missed my night, so I decided to come tonight instead."

"If you can't tell, I'm kind of busy." I glared up at him. "There's some kind of demon cow roaming around-"



"It was a sheep." Heero wrinkled his nose. "It's dead now."

"They said cow. How could you mistake a sheep for a cow?"

"It was a really big sheep." There was a faint squelching noise and a sack dropped at my feet. "The head, which I think you were supposed to bring back?"

Peeking inside I realized the thing did match the description- and it was a really big head for a sheep.

"It looks right..."

Heero dropped softly into the snow beside me and picked up my coat. "Good. So put your coat on and let's get back to town."

"You must be hungry," I observed wryly as I pulled my coat back on. He rolled his eyes.

"I got you a Christmas present and you don't want to give me one in return?"

"The head of a demon sheep? Yeah, just what I wanted." No need to tell the bastard I was feeling pretty grateful.

He rolled his eyes again. "Not the sheep head. Your present is in your hotel room." The smile on his face set off every 'run now!' instinct I had.

"I'm not going to like this present am I?"

He moved close, catching the end of my scarf and wrapping it carefully around my neck. "On the contrary, it's one of the ones you'll love very much- and then deny fiercely the next morning that you liked it at all."

I swallowed hard. One of those... maybe I should run.

Then again, it was Christmas, it was snowing, and it was almost a guarantee that whatever he had planned would be warming.

Very warming.

Hefting up the sack I gestured towards town. "Shall we then?"

He smiled at me, and though I'd never tell him, I think it warmed me 10 degrees. "Let's."



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