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Author: Merula

Pairings: 1x2

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Yaoi, Vampire, were...

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine.

Fangs & Fur Sidefic 3

"I have a favor to ask."

I couldn't help it. The moment he said the words, letting them fall against my skin in a rush of breath, I tensed. I remembered the last favor...

At least this time he waited for a slightly better time to ask.

"Not that," he said, as if he knew what I was thinking. He shifted slightly against my back, his lips brushing against my skin. "I promised I wouldn't."

True, he had promised- and I should believe him. The man could ensnare me with a look, turn me into an obedient slave, chain me to his will. He'd done it once- the last favor I'd done for him- and then he'd let me go.

But my blood still turned cold at the thought of it.

Part of me wanted to run from him, forget that we ever had a deal, lose myself in the wolf.

But I couldn't. The moment he tasted me I was bound to him- and then he'd shared his blood with me to save my life and the bond had tightened further.

That was my excuse.

"Duo," he sighed. "I need to go home. Something has disturbed my territory, broken my protections. I might have to be gone for a time- if I go and you stay, things will get uncomfortable for you."

Well, that was a diplomatic way to put it- and he had a good point. "So you want me to go with you?"

He nodded. "Your job here is finished, you haven't got another client waiting. Can you spare me a week or two? It might not take that long, but I need to go and I don't know how much time I'll need..." It was an apology- and a demand- wrapped up as a request. I knew what would happen to me if we were separated for that long.

I took a deep breath. "I can do that- but I can't leave tonight. The client hasn't paid yet. I'm supposed to meet with him in the morning."

"I know." Heero slid out of the bed and I heard the rustle of paper. "I bought you a train ticket. It leaves tomorrow afternoon."

"We aren't going to fly?"

"It should take about a day for you to reach my territory by train. I thought you'd like a break before having to spend so much time in my company."

"Oh." That was kind of nice of him, but it made me feel guilty. "All right."

"Thank you." There was a rustle of fabric. "I need to go. I won't be able to meet you at the station- you arrive in the afternoon, but I'll meet you once it gets dark."

"Got it." Some of what he'd said finally sunk in. "What broke your protections? Are we facing something dangerous?"

"In order for something to break them, it would have to be dangerous," he admitted. "That's the other half of the favor. I have a feeling I'm going to need your expertise."

For some reason that made me feel better. At least I wasn't being brought along just because I was the picnic lunch, so to speak.

"Any idea of what?"

"I wish. This far away it's hard for me to tell." Another sigh. "I need to leave. I will see you when you arrive."

For just a moment his weight pressed me back against the mattress, his lips brushing my neck, my jaw, my lips.

"Be careful," he said and then I was alone in my room.

I shivered and pulled the blankets closer. Something that made Heero nervous was something to worry about...


The client was more than happy to pay up- the train was on time. It wasn't like I was looking for an excuse to stay away, truly I wasn't. I just didn't quite want to hurry.

Usually when I rode the train, I sat up in the main carriage and if I needed to sleep, I just dozed off. Lots of people did it. No one usually bothered me. Heero had gotten me one of the sleeper berths. It was nice to be able to stretch out if I wanted and not have to worry about wedging myself upright- but I didn't get much sleep.

It didn't start until dark. Up until then everything had been going fine. I had sat out in the main carriage, read the paper, had a sandwich, made idle political talk with one of the other passengers.

Once the sun went down I started feeling- twitchy. If I had been in wolf form I would've expected something to come leaping for my throat... Something was not right.

I got to my feet, prowled around the carriage a little like the other passengers did when they wanted to stretch their legs... didn't see anything wrong.

But that itch on the back of my neck persisted. Something was wrong.

Finally I went and locked myself in the sleeper berth. At least there I felt somewhat safer. Easier to watch my back when I was surrounded by walls. Dug in, I decided to wait up until morning. I didn't see how I could sleep with that feeling.

Curled up on the bunk, still fully dressed except for my boots, I kept flicking my eyes between the door and the window. So I was on a train- it wasn't that fast- I knew lots of things that could catch a train. Including Heero.


The growl rose up in my throat before I could think.

Heero was in danger.

The moment I realized it, the feeling eased up a little. I wasn't in danger. Nothing was coming after me- but something was after Heero.

Shaking my head I wondered if I was going insane. How the hell would I know if Heero was in danger?

Course... he always knew when I was... and he had shared his blood with me....

Closing my eyes I leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath. Heero had said he didn't know what had broken his wards. Whatever it was had to be powerful- and it might have been waiting for him to get back home.

Which Heero had to have realized. Was that why I got the train ticket? So I would miss whatever the bad thing was?

But he'd said he thought he might need my help- maybe I was supposed to be the backup?

Why did I always spend so much time second-guessing the bastard's motives? From now on he was going to fucking tell me things straight out- and hell if I was going to take the train next time.

Course, he'd have to survive for there to be a next time... Shit. I was bound to him. Would I die if he did? Even if I didn't- I knew all to well how it felt not to have him drink from me.

Bastard had better not be dead.


I practically leaped off the train when we reached Heero's town. The feeling hadn't slackened at all. I left my bag in the care of the stationmaster, promising to send for it when I found someplace to stay.

I didn't stop at any of the hotels. As Heero'd said- I arrived in the early afternoon. I had most of the day to track him down.

This was a small city- but it was a city. Where would a vampire have a house?

On the outskirts- something up in those hills over the city- plenty of trees up there- lots of places to hide a home...

No. Wouldn't he be in the middle of the city? Lots of food.

Hills. Something insisted in my head. Up in the hills. West.

I decided not to argue.

As fast as I dared, I went west towards the hills. That same insistence was pushing me to hurry. Something bad was happening...

Once I was outside of the city, I found a sheltered place to hide my clothes and switched forms. The wolf could travel much faster than I could- and I had a feeling I needed my claws...

Leaves crunched underfoot as I ran through the trees.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.

I nearly missed the cabin. It was sheltered beneath some huge trees, tucked in deep- but the sun was slanting through the leaves and illuminated the front door- glinted off the windows.

The sight of it made me hurry even more.

I hit the door of the cabin- much to my surprise; it swung open, tumbling me into the room.

Someone shrieked. I looked up and nearly screamed myself.

A moment later, I slammed the door closed and switched back to my human form. My fingers tugged at the wooden stakes that pinned Heero to the wall of the cabin.

"What the hell happened?" I demanded- but he couldn't answer me. The smell of burnt flesh was strong in the air- and I realized that though I had closed the door- the sunlight was still coming in through the windows- and there were no curtains- nothing to cover the glass with.

Someone had staked him up against the wall, ripped his clothes to shreds and left him to burn when the sun came through the windows... thank the gods he had built his cabin where the sun came in the late afternoon- if it had been morning sun, he'd have been ash when I got here.

Hurrying, I yanked the rest of the stakes out and pulled Heero over to a shadowed corner. Thankfully, the sunlight hadn't fully hit the windows- the door opening had probably done the worst damage. His skin was dark red- except for his left arm, which was nearly black where the sunlight from the windows had burned him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know..."

He slumped against my shoulder, whimpering softly like an animal in pain. I doubted he heard me. My touch had to be hurting him. Glancing over my shoulder, I quickly scanned the cabin. There were plenty of sheets and blankets on the bed- and it was right beside me. If I covered the windows with a few...

Reaching out, I yanked the top blanket off and tossed it on the floor beside the bed. I carefully lowered Heero down on it and reached for a sheet.

He moaned again, and much to my surprise, scrabbled the small distance across the floor to vanish under the bed.

Well- it was dark under there... and the bed was pretty high off the floor...

Leaning down I took a look. Ah. Right. I knew vampires needed their own soil to sleep on- and the floor under the bed was dirt. Hopefully that and being out of the sun would give him a chance to recover.

Turning away, I scanned the cabin a bit more thoroughly. I had charged in like an idiot- good thing whoever did this to Heero hadn't stuck around- at least not that I could tell. There was a scent in the air that wasn't his- some hours old. Feminine and flowery- but with a hint of decay.

Another vampire.

I bent to pick up one of the stakes, stained with Heero's blood on the point, the other end carved into something that made my eyes hurt. Spelled to stay in place at the very least- which answered the question of why Heero hadn't just ripped himself off the wall.

This was Not Good.

The curtains were balled up in a corner. The tops were ripped- someone had just torn them down, but I tied them into place. I found a pair of pants in a chest of clothes and put them on- I didn't feel like running back for my own. It was only a few hours until sunset now, and I had a feeling someone would be back to see what happened.

I checked under the bed again. Heero didn't look any better. Crap. I healed faster than this. How fast did vampires heal? Had Heero ever been injured around me? I couldn't remember- most of the time I was the one losing blood- one way or another...

Shit. He needed to feed. Where was my brain?

Cursing myself, I slid under the bed. "Heero," I said softly, but he didn't respond. How do you feed an unconscious vampire? I was used to him just sliding the fangs in...

Concentrating, I popped a claw- damn the small shifts hurt- and nicked my wrist. I opened his lips just enough and laid my bleeding wrist on them. Hopefully he'd drink by himself- I wasn't sure what to do if this didn't work...

His teeth sank into my wrist.


His eyes stayed closed, but his hands moved up to wrap around my arm, pinning me in place. I nearly pulled my arm away- but then I noticed that his skin was looking less red- his burned arm shedding off the blackened skin like a snake.

So I closed my eyes too and forced myself to relax. I was tired. I hadn't slept at all the night before- and not much before the night before that. There was a reason for suddenly feeling sleepy, I told myself. It's not the blood- he can't have drunk that much already. I'm just tired...

And the darkness swirled into my consciousness, taking me with it.


"Idiot!" Someone was hissing in my ear. "What the hell were you thinking?"

I shook my head, trying to get rid of the voice. I wanted to sleep, damn it.

Hands grabbed my shoulders, yanked me upwards. I opened my eyes, ready to growl.

"Leave me alone!"

"You can't sleep now," Heero was peering into my face. "You shouldn't even be here! You were supposed to wait for me in town! What the hell were you thinking?"

"Me?" I retorted as my brain woke up. "You were fucking pinned to the wall and looking pretty god damned toasty! If I hadn't shown up you'd be dead!"

He was looking fine now. Dressed like he was in a long sleeved shirt, boots and pants, it was hard to see the injured areas, but his face wasn't pink and his hands were unmarred.

"I am dead!" Heero retorted. "And you nearly were! I damn near drained you!"

"How the hell is that my fault? You weren't healing! I had to do something!"

Heero opened his mouth and then closed it again. "Sorry," he said after a moment. "It's just- I woke up- and you... well, I had taken more than I should've. I can control myself if I'm awake but..." He hunched a little and looked guilty.

Oh. I hadn't thought about that aspect of it.

"I feel okay now."

"That's good." He looked towards the windows and frowned. "Though it maybe too late. I don't think you'll be able to get far enough away before sunset."

What? "Why do I have to get away? If that vamp was good enough to pin you to the wall, then I don't think you can take her on your own."

He blinked at me. "How did you know...?"

"I can smell her," I rolled my eyes at him. "Don't you think we both should be trying to get away? Or coming up with a plan of attack?"

"You can't." Heero snapped. "You aren't ensnared. All she has to do is look at you and you'll be hers."

Damn it. He had a point.

"So, you need to hide. I already enforced the wards- she shouldn't be able to break them this time. I'll distract her away from the cabin and then I want you to run-"

I snarled. "And so I should just stand by and let her stake you out again?"

"She surprised me last time- it won't happen again-"

"You don't know that- and how do you know the wards will work this time? She broke them before-"

"Because they were weak. They need reinforcing- and I hadn't done it recently."

"That was a little sloppy of you."

"I had other things to worry about." Heero pushed his bangs out of his face. "Look, Duo, I know you don't like it, but there's nothing else you can do. She'd ensnare you in a moment-"

"So you do it."

Oh crap. Had I just said that?

Heero's expression darkened and he reached out to yank me close. "No way in hell." He growled in my ear. "Never. Don't you think I know what it did to you? You trusted me until I did that to you- and you haven't trusted me since-"

"That's not true-" I protested. I did trust him. Sort of.

"Liar. You never look me in the eyes anymore if you can help it."

Of course- the moment he said it, I had to do it. I pulled away just enough to meet his eyes. I had forgotten how blue they were. "Heero-"

"No." he got up from the bed and moved towards the windows, his back to me.

Wait a minute... "So, she has to look me in the eyes to ensnare me?"


The light was fading fast. "So then I rely on my other senses." Quickly I hopped up from the bed and pulled off my borrowed pants.

"What are you doing?"

"The wolf relies more on his sense of smell than sight- I can do without it for a bit." I willed the change and Heero's expression lightened a little as I switched forms.

"She can still catch your gaze," he told me and I shut my eyes. Carefully I moved towards where he was standing and sat down in front of him, my eyes still shut.

I heard him sigh. "All right, you've proved your point. Just promise me that you'll keep your eyes shut."

I nodded and his fingers caressed my ears. I opened my eyes to meet his. "I don't like this," he said. "Try to stay out of it until you have to, okay?"

It was good I didn't have a voice to argue with him on that one. I just looked agreeable and panted a little.

He rolled his eyes. "Hn." He moved away from me towards a small chest. Opening it, he rummaged around for a moment. "Come here."

I did as he asked. He pulled out a small box. "I think this might help a little." He opened the box and pulled out a necklace with a dark stone pendant. I watched as he bit his finger and dropped some blood on the stone. It glowed for a moment. "May I put this on you? It's just a little extra protection- a sort of ward. That's all."

I bent my head and let him fasten it around my neck.

"Just in time," he murmured and got to his feet.

Before I could wonder what he meant, something hit the door with a loud bang. He moved quickly to the door, and I followed. He frowned down at me as his hand touched the handle, and I closed my eyes.

I heard the faint creak as the door swung open.

"Lena," Heero's voice was deeper. "Having trouble getting in?"

"Heero," The woman's voice was shrill- and familiar. Was she one of the ones from that meeting I had attended? "Finally up to full power I see."

What was she talking about? Up to full power? Had Heero not been at full strength before? And why was he now?

I had a sinking feeling that I already knew the answer.

"You always did bring out the worst in me."

"Don't be upset. All I wanted was your pet, darling," I tensed as she laughed. "It wasn't like you were taking good care of him. Letting him run around on his own? You know very well that's not how it's supposed to go."

Oh no. If she knew-

"It's not against the laws. How I deal with him is my business."

Okay, that was slightly reassuring, but-

"Admit it, Heero, you're getting soft." Her voice was mocking. "Abandoning your responsibilities? All to chase after a wolf you should be calling to heel? You aren't even feeding from any other sources. It's not like you to get so- sentimental."

"I told you," Heero sounded angry. "The legend is true. Once you taste a were's blood you can't feed from anything else."


"Oh please. You expect me to believe that? Even if it is true, he's a were- you could drain him every night and he'd recover."

"It's true." Heero's fingers brushed over my fur. "Which is why I won't allow you to have him."

I don't know what happened next- I didn't dare open my eyes, but something washed over me- some sort of force. It made my skin itch and dragged my lips away from my teeth in a snarl.

"This is my place," Heero said, and his voice was like an icy wind. "You are not welcome here."

"Ah," the other vampire sounded breathless. "There's the Heero Yuy I remember. Very well, darling. You've won this round." Her laughter scraped my nerves. "But just wait. You can't be with that wolf of yours every moment- I'll have him eventually."

Another burst of force- and a shriek of pain. Not Heero's- which is all I cared about.

There was a soft click as the door closed.

"You can open your eyes now."

Heero was frowning at the door. I wondered what he was thinking about. My brain was buzzing with questions. Slipping back into human form, Heero's pendant cold against my chest, I started with the first one.

"Can you really not feed off of anyone else?"

Turning away from the door, he smiled faintly. "I can't. It makes me ill."

"But- why?"

"I suspect that your blood worked some sort of change on me. Just like my bite and my blood did on you." He reached out a hand to me. "Get up- the floor may have splinters. Where are your clothes?"

"Somewhere at the edge of the woods- and my bag is at the station," I let him help me up. "But don't you need to feed every night?"

"I used to think so," he replied absently. "Considering the circumstances, I think you should wait until daylight to go get your things."

I had to agree with him on that point- not that it was the most important thing on my mind at the moment.

"Is that why you weren't at full power? Because you weren't feeding like you should? And because you nearly drained me tonight you were able to fight her off?"

That was not a comfortable thought.

"No." Heero grabbed my shoulders. "No. I fed like that because I had been injured. If I drank from you every night I wouldn't need to drain you to be at full power."

Before I could express relief, his mouth came down hard on mine. I opened my lips, drew him in, let him tumble me down on the bed. I had craved this almost as much as the other. His hands slid over my skin, made me gasp. I tugged at his clothes, moving them out of the way the best I could.

"Someday I'll earn your trust," he murmured against my throat.

"I do trust you," I protested as his hands moved lower. "I do this with you don't I?"

"Because you have to," he retorted, and I pushed him away for a moment.

"There is always a choice," I told him and watched as his eyes darkened as he realized what I meant. "Though if I die, then I guess you can't eat- so you'd die too. And you may be a bastard- but I don't want you dead."

"You might," he smiled a little. "If I die, you're free. The legends are clear about that. If you want to steal a were from a vampire- you kill the vampire."

I blinked, astonished that he'd given me such a weapon to use against him.

Did he trust me that much? Did he want me to trust him that much?

Idiot vampire. It was amazing he'd survived this long.

"The stakes are in the corner," he said and I had to roll my eyes.

"Sure, I kill you and then some other vampire without any sentimental crazy ideas about partnerships snags me instead. No thank you."

His smile widened a little. "So, you might consider that partnership?"

I reached up and pulled him down into a kiss. "I'll think about it."



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