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Author: Merula

Pairings: 1+2

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: GW/MiB fusion, aliens...

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and MiB are not mine.

fushichou asked for a MiBish type drabble. So I mixed in GW and got something a little longer than a drabble. Sorry!


Duo leaned back in the chair, frustrated and angry. Damn it. He knew what he'd seen! The gun hadn't been anything he'd ever seen before- and he'd seen a lot of guns in his time. The guy had blinked- twice- and with two sets of eyelids. He wasn't crazy and he hadn't been on the job too long no matter what the hell his fellow officers said. He blew out a breath and ran his hands over his face.

A woman poked her head around the corner of the room and Duo wondered if she was there to laugh too. She slipped into the room and put her hand on Duo's shoulder.

Crap, a shrink? They'd called one already?

"Dr. Sally Po," she said in a whisper. "I believe you- I just opened that guy up and- well, you and I need to talk. Meet me at the morgue."

A moment later she was gone, Duo blinking after her. Well- that was good, right? Or was it some kind of set up?

"Dr. Po?" He heard someone say in the hall. "From the coroner's office?"

"Yes," he heard the woman answer.

"Would you look right here please?"

Paperwork, Duo thought and mentally groaned. He didn't relish writing tonight's report. Not the way his boss had taken his story- maybe the coroner's report would help too?

A man stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Duo started up a little. The guy was dressed in a black suit, still neat and tidy even as late as it was. Crap, internal affairs? The guy went over to the security camera and turned it off, and then he turned to look at Duo.

Duo caught his breath. Damn, the man was gorgeous. Too bad he was more than likely here to give Duo a bad time-

"They were gills."


"Gills," the guy repeated. "Not eyelids."

"Oh," Duo sat up a little in his chair. Was this another person who believed him? "Gills?" This night was getting weirder by the minute.

"He was breathing hard- I guess you chased him for a bit? Did he say anything to you?"

"Sure- he said that the world was going to end." That part was going to make the guy laugh at him- Duo just knew it.

But instead the guy looked incredibly tired for a minute. Duo nearly reached out a hand to comfort him. "Did he say when?"

"Are you kidding? Who are you?"

"Would you know his weapon if you saw it again?"

The subject change threw him for a moment. "Sure- but the guy broke it-"

The guy went to the door and opened it. "Let's take a ride."

Killer blue eyes or not, Duo wasn't just going to go off with this guy. Who was he? CIA? FBI? "I got paperwork-"

"It's done."

Right at that moment, Duo's boss walked by. "Great job on the paperwork, Maxwell."

Duo looked at the guy waiting patiently by the door. "Well damn. If you did my paperwork for me, I guess I owe you one. Okay." He followed the guy out to a Ford POS and slid into the passenger seat.

"So- who exactly are you with?" He asked as the guy started the engine.

"I'm part of a secret organization that monitors and polices alien activity on Earth."

"Are you pulling my leg? Is this some kind of joke? I mean, I know Hilde was a little pissed about that prank the guys and I pulled on her a few weeks ago-"

"Did you see that guy tonight blink two eyelids?"

"Hell yes."

"Then why would you think I was joking? That alone should tell you that there are more things going on in this world than you ever knew before, right?"

Duo thought about that for a minute, studying the other's profile as he did so. It would be sad if a guy this good looking was crazy. "Right." Hell, after what he'd seen tonight, he might as well start believing in UFOs. "So, is it a good job? Pays the rent, lets you take out the lady?"

"I don't have a lady." The guy gave Duo a look and Duo felt his heart speed up just a little. "And yeah, some days it's the best job in the world."

"And others?"

"Other days I want to shoot myself."

"That would be a hell of a waste."

The guy gave Duo a warm smile. "Thanks."

The car stopped in front of a familiar building. "Hey-" Duo peered out the window. "I know this place- Otto's. The guy doesn't sell guns-"


Duo bit his lip and then sighed. He couldn't be sure of anything tonight. "Fine- I'll go shake him up- but I don't think he'll know anything-" He slid out of the car before the other could answer him.

Sure enough, Otto was leaning over the counter, a heap of Rolexes on the counter in front of him.

"Oh, hey Officer Maxwell." Otto swept the Rolexes off the counter and gave Duo a greasy smile. "Legally pawned- I can assure you."

"The way I hear it you're into something a little worse these days, Otto. Guns. High tech ones."

"Guns?" Otto sneered. "I don't-"

"Why don't you show him the imports, Otto?" The guy had slipped into the shop behind Duo. Much to Duo's surprise, Otto looked scared.

"Hiya H, how are you?"

"Now," the guy, H? said again. Why did he go by an initial?

"You know I don't do that stuff anymore..."

"Don't lie to me." H reached into his jacket and pulled out a strange looking gun. "You know I hate being lied to."

Otto turned pale and Duo wondered at the guy's tactics. It wasn't like he could really shoot Otto-

"I'm going to count to three," H said and Otto started to stutter.

"Hold on a minute-"


"H- come on!"


"I'd tell him," Duo said, seeing that Otto was about to crack. "He seems crazy enough to do it."

"He's always crazy-"


The gun went off and Duo sprang away from the counter, reaching for his own gun. Crap, this guy WAS crazy! He'd just blown Otto's head off!

"Put down the gun!"

H blinked at him. "I warned him."

"Drop the weapon!"

"I warned him. Relax, will you?"

"You blew his head off!"

"Do you have ANY idea how much that STINGS?" Otto demanded and Duo turned to look- his eyes widening as Otto's missing head finished regrowing.

"What the HELL?!"

"If it stings, then you won't want me to do it again." H said calmly. "Now, show us the imports."

Otto hit a button and all of his display cases flipped over- showing an impressive array of alien looking hardware. Duo swallowed hard. This night was getting weirder by the minute.

"Maxwell?" H looked at him.

"That one-" Duo pointed to one. "He had that one."

H looked suddenly furious. "You sold a carbonizer with implosion capacity to an unlicensed cephlapoid?" He demanded of Otto.

"He looked okay to me!"

"That's an assassin's gun- who is the target?"

"I don't know." Otto said, his eyes widening as H pushed the gun into his cheek. "I don't! I swear it!"

H frowned and tucked the gun away. "All of this is confiscated- and I want you off this rock on the next transport or I will shoot you where it doesn't grow back." He turned and left the shop, the door slamming behind him.

"Uh, yeah, and I'm going to come and talk to you about those Rolexes!" Duo said and took off after H. What the hell was going on?

H was on the street corner looking up at the sky. Duo stopped by him. "I don't get this," he said and H looked at him. "The eyelids- and the gun- and a head growing back...? What's going on?"

Giving him a sad smile, H shrugged. "I can't help you Maxwell, I wish I could. All I can say to comfort you is that tomorrow you won't remember a thing."

Duo frowned at him. "Oh hell no. I don't think I could forget this- not ever-" He searched for the right words. "This changes everything- everything- nothing is going to be the same-"

Much to his surprise, H put one hand on his arm and turned Duo towards him. He didn't say anything, just leaned forward and brushed a light kiss over Duo's mouth.

Duo's eyes widened. "What- what was that for?"

"Something I wanted to remember." H pulled something silvery out of his pocket along with a pair of sunglasses. "Ever see one of these before?"


Duo blinked.

"So," the man across from his said. "I really thought the end of the movie was too pat, didn't you?"

He was in a Chinese restaurant- the table full of half eaten food. Across from him was one of the most gorgeous guys he'd ever seen.

Was this a date? What was he doing?

"Huh?" He managed. Why couldn't he remember how he'd gotten there? And who was this guy?

The guy looked at his watch, then back at Duo, his blue eyes glinting under his dark fall of hair. "It's getting late, I have to go. Thanks for the potstickers."

"Where are we? What's going on?"

The man didn't look surprised. "I knew you had too much tequila." He got up from the table and handed Duo a card. "I'll see you tomorrow, Duo. Nine am- don't be late." A moment later, he was out the door.

Had he drunk that much on a first date? Duo looked at the door for a minute, frowning. That wasn't like him. And where had he met that guy?

Duo looked at the card in his hand. An address was written on the back- and on the front, dead in the middle of the card were three letters: MiB.



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